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23 Trips Around the Sun

I have successfully survived my own crazed antics long enough to travel around the sun 23 times. That’s pretty great. I’m pretty grateful for it.

Well, tomorrow will be 23 trips around the sun.

To be exact, at 3 minutes after midnight, I’ll have traveled around the sun 23 times on this big rock vehicle we call Earth.

Birthdays, as a whole, are an odd thing for me. They’re not much of a big deal, but they’re certainly a day on which I try to remember what and who I am grateful for. This year is no different.

I’ve been given a ton of great opportunities over the past year. I’ve come across and have met a lot of great people. From writing about Mississippi State’s softball team in Starkville last spring to actually graduating from Mississippi State University this past winter. Or, well, technically it was the fall because the winter equinox hadn’t happened quite yet.

So, I graduated in the fall. It was pretty great.

And between those two moments in time came a multitude of other things that I happen to be grateful for. I bought a pretty cool shirt at Old Navy not too long ago. And I had a pretty cool experience working in Nashville last summer.

As you can probably see, I clearly have a lot to be grateful for.

And right now, on the day before my birthday, I’m grateful that my mom’s surgery on January 30th in the year 2018 went well. I’m grateful that there were no complications. I’m grateful that the doctor said that she only lost two teaspoons of blood in the process, even though the thought of two teaspoons of blood kinda freaked me out a little bit.

Right now, I’m glad that she’s recovering.

It’s a frightening thing seeing your mom require a spinal surgery that is set to sideline her for a while. It’s frightening to think about what can go wrong with a spinal surgery. And I’m glad that nothing went wrong. That the procedure went smoothly. That she is now here at home with my family, sleeping soundly and snoring slightly.

It’s a great birthday present to receive. Probably the best that I’ve ever had in the 23 trips that I’ve taken around the sun.




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