“I Tried To Hold Your Hand, but You Yawned”

My fiancée is the best. I, on the other hand, am not the best.

She’ll do cute things like attempt to hold my hand in the car. Simultaneously, I’ll have to yawn and will pull my hand away, unaware of what she’s attempting to do and why she fusses at me when I yawn in that moment.

And then she has to explain that she wanted to hold my hand. But I yawned.

Or, well, when we go to a restaurant and she sits across from me at the table, or booth, and attempts to hold my hand again. I, with my impeccable timing and the inability to notice what exactly she’s doing, will go to grab my beer and will drink it. And then I have no clue why she fusses at me for drinking my beer.

And then she has to explain that she wanted to hold my hand. But I drank my beer.

And these sorts of incidents are fairly common. She attempts to do something cute. I unintentionally do something that prevents that moment or action from occurring. And it’s a cycle. Round and round we go.

Moments like this happen every day.

Lately, she’s been under the weather. She asked me to go fill her cup up with water and then mentions that she needs a decongestant or a painkiller. And while I open up the packing so that I can get her a med or two, I hand her the empty cup to hold. She then attempts to drink from the empty cup.

And then she giggles, but not before I have to explain to her that I never had time to fill the cup back up with water.

Like I said, she’s the best.


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