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Hey, there’s snow in Omaha

Did you know that there’s snow in Omaha? (I’m talking about Omaha, Nebraska, not Omaha, Texas or Omaha, Arkansas or any other place that might also happen to be named Omaha.)

In fact, there’s a lot of snow in Omaha. There’s been record setting amounts of snow in Omaha¬†for the month of February, to be exact.

And that’s where my wife, Jessica, and I will be moving.

Omaha, Nebraska.

Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 5.39.46 PM
Omaha, Nebraska: roughly in the exact middle of the United States of America if you don’t count Alaska and/or Hawaii. If you are counting Alaska and/or Hawaii, then I’m not totally sure of where “roughly in the exact middle of the country” would fall. (Screenshot of Google Maps via me)

Which is fine, we’re somewhat prepared for this. I drive a Subaru Outback and it’s pretty much the perfect car to handle the snow, or so I have been told by various individuals and naturally assume to be true.

We’ve also been stocking up on attire that is more appropriate for winter and that’s mostly because we’ve never really dealt with a real, true winter before. I guess I’ve faced colder winter weather than Jess has given that I lived in Starkville, Mississippi, but the small snows down in Starkville don’t really compare to the outrageous amounts in Omaha.

So we’ll have to adjust.

But we will. Because we’re moving to Omaha, Nebraska.

Admittedly, we’re a little scared (mostly me but only because of the snow). Still, we’re also thrilled to have this opportunity for an adventure. We’re excited to have an opportunity to head across the country as a couple and embrace a new culture and a new community.

The whole reason for this move springs out of the fact that I was offered a fantastic job opportunity at an old train station that has been renovated into a TV station for Hearst’s KETV (which I’ll share more about later). Through all of this, Jess was more than supportive of me pursuing said opportunity.

She’s wonderful in that regard (and so many others).

Right now, we’re in Omaha, Nebraska (not Texas or Arkansas) looking for an apartment to live in. We’re searching for a place that will be our new home. And I think we’ll come across something truly special in the midst of our efforts.

We’re grateful for the states of Texas and Mississippi for being so wonderful to us. We’re grateful for all of our family and friends who have supported us throughout our lives. We’re especially grateful for everyone that has been a part of our lives over the past few months as we’ve gotten started as a married couple.

And now we’re looking forward to what’s up ahead of us. We’re ready (thanks to God, our family, and our friends) for what’s next (except for more snow, I don’t know that I’m ready for that just yet) and we can’t wait to officially be moved to Omaha, Nebraska.



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