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Thank you for your thoughtfulness, your friendship, and for your sass

Brian Granquist. Photo via Sugar Land Methodist Church

Brian, thank you for your care and your thoughtfulness and for checking in on me. The emails and texts and Facebook comments we traded back and forth meant the world to me, and I think to my parents as well.

I truly appreciate you taking an interest in my adventures, and misadventures. When you found out I was taking a cross-country road trip to Wyoming, you did your research and sent me a list of the best hiking boots available online. You made sure to say hi whenever I was in town for a visit and made sure to give me a fair amount of grief if you found out I was in town but didn’t check in with you so that the next time I was in town, we could catch up, if only for a brief moment.

Brian, thank you for your snark and the nicknames and all of the jokes. You took an interest in me when I was in Sugar Land First United Methodist’s One Voice Youth Choir. You sure seemed interested in getting a good giggle as you watched me try to dance as we rehearsed for our annual dinner theaters.

You also took an interest in making me appear to be a better singer than I ever could have been and remained patient with me through all of my stumbles. From helping me improve upon my mediocre attempts at solos to the well-intentioned, inoffensive sass and snark about me wearing cowboy boots, and everything in between, you certainly were a monumental part of my time as a singer. Your fun-loving demeanor was definitely on display on the choir tours and I’m thankful I was able to share those moments with you.

Brian, thank you for your kindness and your friendship. Thank you for playing at my wedding and for sharing with us the wonderful gift of your talents. The world has lost a remarkable musician, and a very generous man.

For all of that, and for so much more, thank you, Brian.



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Ethan Lee is a suburban Texas storyteller. A proud graduate of Mississippi State University who has embarked upon a career in digital media, Ethan loves the deafening sound of cowbells and the opportunity to craft content online.

Ethan has worked in multiple fields, including literal ones full of cacti and ants. He's made his way from running various Mississippi State blogs affiliated with networks to working in local news in Omaha as the Digital Editor for KETV NewsWatch 7, Omaha's News Leader. After a stint as a Staff Writer with FanSided, Ethan decided to focus in on creating college sports content independently.

When he's not writing about sports, Ethan enjoys a good road trip with his wife and son, an opportunity to go kayaking, or any time to spend in the outdoors.

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